Word of the Day: Recoculous

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Main Entry: re•coc•u•lous
Variant(s): ri•coc•u•lous or re•cock•u•lous
Pronunciation: r?-‘kä -ky?-l?s
Function: adjective
Etymology: Modern English combination of words ridiculous and cock referring to the usually vulgar definition of penis. These terms are derived from Latin ridiculosus (from ridiculum jest, from neuter of ridiculus) or ridiculus, literally, laughable, from ridEre to laugh; reformed with the Middle English cok, from Old English cocc, of imitative origin
1 slang: arousing or deserving ridicule: absurd, preposterous beyond ridiculous
Example: A little Asian school girl satisfying three gigantic horny tentacle beasts at once is just recoculous.
2 slang: absurdity in reference to the masculine genitalia
Example: Jimmy’s penis falling into the mashed potatoes during Thanksgiving dinner was absofuckinglutely recoculous.
synonym see ridiculous, laughable, cockfoolery
– re•coc•u•lous•ly adverb
– re•coc•u•lous•ness noun

In the memorable words of Iñigo Montoya, “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” – “The Princess Bride”

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