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Zune C00D11CD

zune red
I bought a new Zune! It is red and so pretty. I am leaving tonight to visit family and friends on the east coast and really was looking forward to having some choice tunes since I will be traveling for two days to get to my final destination, Maine. Thus, I am so excited to have a new MP3 player.

So I connect it to my windows box and it is not instantly recognized. Even though it is a Microsoft product, the drivers apparently are installed after you install the software which, ironically, does not come with the product. Ultimately I find it on their slick website, I am forced to create an account (signing away my first born) and then I downloaded it. I install the software. It installs the drivers and we are off to the races.

My computer now sees the Zune but the Zune software does not. I hunt around and it requires me to upgrade the firmware. Cool, so I do… or not.

zune error

Apparently Error Code C00D11CD (802A0006) is the catch all for things not working with no resolution. I have had serious issue with IPods because everyone I know has theirs break multiple times and itunes on windows sucks. So I guess this what you get when you pay the devil for music. 😦

Here is how I fixed it:

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Fatty fatty fatty!

Fried Twinkies
California is yet again blazing the trail in epicurean frontier when the Govenator signed into law a ban on restaurant use of trans fats. This ban will take place starting 2010 with all retail baked goods following suit by 2011. Unfortunately, packaged foods or anything with a ingredient label will continue to be exempt.

In many cases I am just not a big fan of government regulation. Too much regulation or regulation without a direct benefit can become an undue burden upon a market and make a segment uncompetitive. But some regulations can allow for a level playing field, to enable innovation and have significant market benefit. In general it can enable companies to “do the right thing” with the knowledge that everyone else needs to also follow the same rules. It is my belief that this regulation does more good than bad. The health risks are real and the people who are at the greatest risk are those who are lower income families and children. Likely it does not go far enough but this is a great step forward.

As I see it, if we are to go to a universal healthcare, the government needs to be more proactive in preventative measures. This is definitely a step in the right direction.

PS- NYC has the ban in place and I have visited several times and frankly, the food still tastes just as unhealthy as I remember from my youth. For interesting factoids about partially hydrogenated oils and taste tests check out

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Me want pussy, meeeow!

20080722-I want pussy meeeow

So I have had an aversion to pussy. It is not that I am a misogynist or anything. No no it is truly a physical repulsion.The symptoms are real too. Even hours after “exposure”, I tend to tear up and even feel short of breath from the experience.

But now there seems to be good alternative, hypo-allergenic cats! That is right, I could now get a eugenically engineered (bread for a certain trait) cat that does not produce the glycoprotein, Fel d 1, the allergen that effects as much as 15% of the populace.

For about $5,950 and a twelve month wait, I can own (with one year guarantee!) a cat that does not have the most common allergen from

If that piece of prime pussy is out of your league, here is a good books on other low allergen breads and how to reduce the impact.

Book Cover

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WordPressing my buttons…

20080721-Wordpressing my buttons
Why start a new BLOG? Well, I like to share ideas, links and otherwise and the other mechanism I used to use for that is, unfortunately for us, it is constantly down. 😦

So I have been at this for about three days trying to get a WordPress to work properly. The first real issue is that my installation got corrupted when I upgraded, thank you Fantastico! Then, I can’t leave well enough alone so I needed to make it look pretty and I tried installing themes. But the themes we not quite right, thus hours of tweaking it later I found some very helpful sights that I would like to share.

A great place to explore and view themes:

Here is a list of all the codex tags for WordPress 2.6 which is very useful to customize your sidebar:

I have now settled (I think) on a theme and am working to personalize it. I hope to have it done before I go on vacation. Wish me luck.