Zune C00D11CD

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zune red
I bought a new Zune! It is red and so pretty. I am leaving tonight to visit family and friends on the east coast and really was looking forward to having some choice tunes since I will be traveling for two days to get to my final destination, Maine. Thus, I am so excited to have a new MP3 player.

So I connect it to my windows box and it is not instantly recognized. Even though it is a Microsoft product, the drivers apparently are installed after you install the software which, ironically, does not come with the product. Ultimately I find it on their slick website, I am forced to create an account (signing away my first born) and then I downloaded it. I install the software. It installs the drivers and we are off to the races.

My computer now sees the Zune but the Zune software does not. I hunt around and it requires me to upgrade the firmware. Cool, so I do… or not.

zune error

Apparently Error Code C00D11CD (802A0006) is the catch all for things not working with no resolution. I have had serious issue with IPods because everyone I know has theirs break multiple times and itunes on windows sucks. So I guess this what you get when you pay the devil for music. šŸ˜¦

Here is how I fixed it:

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