Thurgood, so good!

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Thurgood - Laurence Fishburne

I went to a play tonight. As always the theater staff announces “please take this time to turn off all phones and electronics. And all recording is prohibited”. It is amazing to think how much I am part of the documentation movement that has to twit details of my life and photo graph what I eat. I sometimes feel like it would not be real if I did not share it digitally.< I definitely was not always this way. Quite the opposite. I hated taking photos unless it was for artistic purposes and I definitely preferred privacy over any publication of my experiences. Stepping out from behind the camera, not recording the moment but truly experiencing the live performance is a refreshing change. And it was easy to do with this play.

I saw Thurgood tonight; a one-man play about the life of Thurgood Marshall. Lawrence Fishburne‘s performance as Thurgood was fabulous. I was completely captivated and he nearly brought me to tears as he lead me (and the rest of the audience) through the life of a man who became a civil right pioneer. When this play travels, don’t wait to see it.The story of the Thurgood Marshall is one that should not go unheard. Please take the time to go see this eloquent performance and learn more about Thurgood’s positive contribution to our country.

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