The revenge of the Zune

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zune red First off, save yourself the hassle and do not buy a Zune. If you want to buy one, I have a new one for sale. I did finally get my Zune working (mostly) before my trip but did not have time to put all my music on it. What can I say, in my calmest of moments the Zune has maybe 2 stars. Frankly the device is pretty slick but it looses all it’s points due to it’s unwieldy software and lack of detailed instructions.

But you are likely reading this because you believed the hype like me and bought one and now it just does not work…

This is how I fixed the Zune Error C00D11CD but is works for many software issues with the Zune.

1. Disconnect your Zune from the computer.

2. Remove the Zune Software from your computer Make sure to follow every step: *
*Note if you don’t want to do that there is a lovely app called UnZoone.

3. Reset your Zune Push and hold the Back Button and the Up Button like this:

zune reset

4. Restore the Zune to factory default:
Or if you just want to erase all the content of the Zune:

5. Start Zune software.

6. Reconnect the Zune via USB to the computer.

7. Upgrade firmware

Hopefully that will work for you too.

The most important thing to know about Zune is that the software is unwieldy. It will hang while performing operations and sometimes just freeze up. It sucks as a media manager due to a lack of granularity in it’s controls. I can’t find any detailed manuals on how to control the sync operations so it is making me do a lot of research and testing to make it go.

In the future you may find that the software still won’t see the Zune even though your computer does. What I found is that you’ll need to start the Zune software first then it will recognize the device. Occasionally you will need to reboot your Zune to make enable it to be seen by the software.

How to just reboot your Zune:

Good luck!

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