Lil’ Bear

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I had the pleasure of meeting my parents dogs on my vacation to Maine.
On the left is Charlie a King Charles Spaniel (the center is Mumoo, my cow) and on the right is Little Bear, a Pomeranian. They are both about 1 1/2 years old here.
Charlie, Mumoo & Lil' Bear
They are the so unbelievably sweet and playful.

They really took to Karen…
Karen & Lil' Bear

I found that Lil’ bear was especially tasty.
Charlie, Lil' Bear & Dennis

Little Bear was very sick as a pup. My parents nursed him to health and he had a great vigor to him. Very playful and affectionate. But this past Saturday night, Little Bear died suddenly. It broke my parents hearts. 😦

Little Bear

I know he had a great life and lived longer than he would have if my parents did not take him home but it is still very sad for such a young dog to pass on so quickly.

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