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Google Chrome is fast, clean and stable. Pages do seem to load much much faster. I have not had any major issues with media types not being supported or websites looking really funky. Even most of web pages render correctly, which is sometimes a real trial with Firefox and the like. With the notable exception that my javascript lightbox does not work on this blog.

The right click menu options are clean too.
Google Chrome-image window
There are some interesting features built in like Incognito mode. It allows you to surf the web and not have your computer record where you go, or what you look at. It does not stop the tracking that websites do though.
Google Chrome-New incognito window
Chrome also has a bunch of cool features when it comes to the address bar. It is a built in search engine and can show statistics (try typing about:memory, about:stats or about:dns). Overall Google produced a really solid beta.
Google Chrome-about memory

The only two features I would like to see is bookmarks auto syncing vs. having to use Google bookmarks and inline spell checking.

PS – I am posting this using Chrome to my blog.

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  1. you’re lucky you get a chance to play with it. I’ll have to wait until they come out with the mac version

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