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Here are all the status pages I could find.

  • about:cache (shows your history and cache)
  • about:crash (shows data about crashes, mine is not there because it has not crashed)
  • about:dns (shows all about the DNS chrome is using)
  • about:histograms (an under the covers look at chrome)
  • about:internets (well it is a 1990’s screen saves as best as I can tell)
  • about:memory (show the memory use per page)
  • about:network (give the ability to do I/O tracking and statistics)
  • about:plugins (displays the plugins and associated file types)
  • about:stats (shows all of chrome’s statistics)
  • about:version (displays the version of the browser)
  • viewcache:[URL] (shows cache of a page, though not really useful for anything but tech support)
  • view-source:[URL] (displays the source code of the page)

For example: view-source: will show you the HTML source code.

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