iPhone Jailbreak

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iPhone Hacked by Dennis Mueller, on Flickr
A dear friend of mine is moving to Canada for 6 months and she bought a Gen 1 iPhone. Unfortunately AT&T is not in Canada and the Canadian alternative would require her to purchase a long contract with a huge monthly fee. I offered to try to jailbreak her phone. Never having done it before I started doing research. I found a huge amount of sites and information out there some free, some simple, some by people who should never be allowed to publish on the internet.

I ended up being successful with ZiPhone: the site has binaries for both windows and mac.

It worked flawlessly, withing 20 minites the phone was up and running.  I would highly recommend the product.

He does have a donation site.  Keep software free, please remember to donate if it works for you.  I dontated €5.00 EUR to the cause which came out to be like $7.40. Damn, the US economy sucks.

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  1. you are so good at all these technical thingies

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