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I decided to buy a blu-ray player about a year ago, just before HD-DVD had lost the game. I did it at the right time I think because it ended up being much cheaper and they gave me 10 blu-ray disks for free. Yeah competition! Then, I finally broke down and purchased a high def TV earlier this year to actually see movies in high def. I have to say, the visual experience is amazing. Nature shows like Planet Earth, Blue Planet, and Galapagos are stunning.

Anyway, to the point. I recently purchased “Heroes: Season 1” on blu-ray and it did not play. Most of them blu-ray disks come with a little insert that says you may need to upgrade your firmware for proper viewing. Low and behold, I did need to do just that. In my quick web search I found the following site:

It contains step by step instructions on how to upgrade firmware/software for blu-ray players of all types. I followed the instructions and it worked like a charm.  Happy viewing.

Also check out Amazon Prime. They are offering a free 30 trial that gives you free 2 day shipping. I love this program.
Amazon Prime

2 thoughts on “Blu-ray

  1. Personal Note: I have a Sony BDP-S300 Firmware 4.40 updated today 12/20.

  2. Personal Note: Upgraded Sony BDP-S300 Firmware 5.50 05/02/09

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