Voter Rights

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Please spread the word to new voters that no one can or will stop them from voting. There are NOT going to be police or federal agents waiting at polling places to arrest voters for outstanding tickets, unpaid taxes or alimony. The worst case scenario you may have to cast a provisional ballot, if for some reason you are not able to cast a normal ballot, which then won’t be counted until your issue is resolved.

Please try to remember to bring proper state issued photo ID (where required) and also try not to wear political paraphernalia into your polling place, although this is legal in most states, some places do not allow it.

Fresh Air on NPR is a show really worth listening to. You get it as a podcast from most major vendors including Terry Gross talks to her guests about dirty tricks and political manipulation of the voting process. It is truly mind blowing that people would try to take away others rights to vote so that they can win an election.

Here is the pod cast:
Fresh Air from WHYY 

It includes:
‘In Justice’: David Iglesias On U.S. Attorney Firings
Voter Intimidation Efforts In Philadelphia 
Voting Access In 10 Key States
Parsing The Politics Of ‘Main Street’

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