Voting in SF

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Seal of the City and County of San Francisco
Here is what I am thinking about for November 4 on a city level. The propositions can be found in the Voter Information Pamphlet (PDF), further information can at SF City voter’s web site.

Download a calendar reminder to vote: vote.vcs.ics

Prop Decision Reason
A undecided I will probably vote “Yes” BUT it is a lot of money that will ultimately raise my rent. I don’t think that it really improves the number of beds or services or even reduces the risk of an earthquake destroying a large portion of the hospital due to the neighboring brick monstrosities that will likely fall upon it since they are not seismically stable, yet.
B No This is the wrong way to raise money for low income housing. setting asside 2.5% of the budget to a cause ties the hands of our elected officials.
C Yes Keeping the powers separated is very important.
D Yes Bring more business and tax revenue into SF!
E Yes Let’s follow state standards
F Yes Most people in SF don’t vote on odd years. This allows for voter manipulation.
G No The more I read about it, the more I think the law needs to be better written.
H No I don’t like the idea of anyone having the ability to have a blank check when putting the tax payers into debt, even if it is for a noble cause. I also wonder if SF can run power better than private industry.
I Yes We need more independent advocates to keep our costs under control.
J No It makes sense to have a single authority for building but shouldn’t preservation be weighed with other planning needs?
K Yes I don’t believe that sex workers should be prosecuted as criminals. Pimps and human traffickers on the other hand should get all that is coming to them. Does this law address this? I don’t know.
L Yes We need to fund community justice center to help keep our system fairly for people of all income.
M No I feel like there are a lot of protections for tenants already.
N Yes Encourages the installation of Solar energy systems on private residents.
O Yes My issue is really with more taxes, though it sounds like the amount of money would be the same just updates the law to include newer technologies like IP Phones, etc… So I will vote yes.
P No This is not necessary or fixes any core issues.
Q Yes It needs to be updated.
R G. W. Bush did enough harm, do we really want anything named after him, even a sewer plant? Is this really needed?
S Yes Seems like good government.
T No Where does the money come from? I think it will just tie the hands of people who need to allocate money.
U No I truly disagree with us going into Iraq to begin with. But we are there and we can vote for Obama to get us out.
V Yes JROTC had been a really positive influence on many people’s lives. I just think people need a choice.

What is your opinion?

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