Motorola Phone Tools

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Motorola RAZR V3xx
Mobile Phone Tools can turn your 3G Motorola phone into a wireless modem for a one time cost of $34.99.  I use AT&T Wireless with a MOTORAZR V3xx ($99) with “Nation 450 w/Rollover(r) Minutes” and “MEdia Net Unlimied (web)” ($39.99 + $15/month).  One piece of sadness is that this only works on Windows as far as I know.  Don’t be surprised if Vista hangs or crashes the program if you try to change the settings too often, XP worked like a charm though.

Here is how you achieve 3G tethering.

Do NOT connect the phone to your computer until the installation tells you to.

Download and install the drivers (32-bit / 64-bit drivers for XP & Vista):

Download and install the Motorola Phone Tools software:

Start the Motorola Phone Tools application.

Connect your phone when the application tells you to.

Once you’re phone is recognized by your computer and the Motorola Phone Tools, you can then connect to the internet using your unlimited web plan by putting in the following configuration:

Click “Connections”
Click “Internet”
Click “Manage Connections”
Select one of them.
Right click to get to the “Properties”.

Click on the “Identification” tab.

Fill in the following information:

Username from MEdia Net ( login):  (normally your phone number)
Password: (your password from

APN: wap.cingular

Ok. You are now set.

Select the Connection you just setup on the “Connection” pull-down menu and click the big “Connect” button to the right.

You are good to go.  If you have any questions or otherwise, I am happy to help.

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