Word 2007 Paragraph Marks


By default Microsoft Word 2007 shows paragraph markings even if the Show/Hide Paragraph Marks button is deselected. This can be very annoying and here is how to change it.

[NOTE: Click on the Images to make them larger]

Open up Word.

Click on the Microsoft Office Button

Then click on Word Options on the bottom of the menu.
Microsoft Office Button

This will bring up a new window. Click on the Display tab on the left side.

Here you will see a section call “Always show these formatting marks on the screen”

Un-check all markings (by default that will include Tab characters, Spaces and Paragraph marks)

Click OK
Word Options

Once you back into word, feel free to turn it on and off again from the Home tab by clicking on the Paragraph symbol.

2 thoughts on “Word 2007 Paragraph Marks

  1. Thanks I have got my problem solved just because of you…………

  2. I have done all that you said. The marks will not disappear. What do I do now? Please help me, I’m going a bit crazy with this problem.

    Thanks a lot.


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