How to Change Default Image Editor in Vista

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How do I change my default image editor to Photoshop (or something else) in Vista?
Well I have just the trick. I have made a script (based on another person’s work) that you can just download here: change_default_image_editor.vbs

Note before you start you will need administrator rights to pull this off.

Assuming that you don’t trust random scripts that you download off the internet (which is wise) then I you can do it manually. Note editing the Windows Registry by hand is dangerous and my script just automates this process. If you installed your image editor and it has registered correctly, there is a simple change that needs to happen in the Windows Registry. You can screw up you computer. You can do this by clicking on
Start > Run or type in this in the Start Search area >
Then type: regedit

Browse down the tree as follows
> SystemFileAssociations > image > Internet Explorer > shell > edit > command >
(Default) = “C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Photoshop CS4Photoshop.exe” “%1”

Then right click on (Default) and Modify… the value to what every you want in quotes with a space followed by “1%”
regedit example

Note: Changes to this registry value should take effect after a reboot.

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