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How to setup a Conference Call for BlackBerry

Not too long ago I discovered the most awesome thing; BlackBerry’s can automate the dialing of a participant code on a conference bridge if the phone numbers are put in a specific format. So here is the layout for your conference bridge: Phone Number x Participant Code

For example if your conference bridge phone number is (888) 888-8888 with your participant code is 666666 and you need to press (#) pound to continue then you can put it in your outlook or email message like this:

(888) 888-8888 x 666666#
or like this 18888888888×666666#
or like this 1.888.888.8888 x666666#
or any combination thereof…

Given any of the phone numbers listed above the BlackBerry will dial the phone number (888.888.8888), pause and the following screen will pop up on your BlackBerry:

Dial Extension
     Dial 666666#
     End Call

You then can select to dial the participant code or technically the extension (666666#).

Happy conferencing!

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How to enable comments to pages in WordPress

By default most WordPress themes are not enabled to allow comments on pages. So even if you check the “Allow comments” check box in the DISCUSSION section when creating a page, nothing will happen until you edit your Page template file. You can ether edit it by logging into the the wp-admin site or by editing the file via ssh or ftp.

If you use the wp-admin site, click “Appearance” on the left side of the window to expand the section, then click on “Editor”

Make sure your current theme is displayed on the right hand side where it says “Select theme to edit:”
If it is, then click on the “Page (page.php)”

If you are using the FTP/SSH option go to your wordpress installation directory.
Then navigate to wp-content > themes > {your theme} and edit page.php

Scroll down until you see the following line of code:

<?php if (have_posts()) : while (have_posts()) : the_post(); } ?>

Then add the following line:

<?php if ((‘open’ == $post-> comment_status)) { comments_template(); } ?>

And it should be added before this line:

<?php endwhile; endif; ?>

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High Efficiency Incandescent

If have serious issue with compact florescent light because…

  • No one looks good in florescent light
  • CF bulbs contains mercury
  • Only select models dim
  • They burn out a lot sooner than advertised
  • They dont work with all light switches, especially the high tech ones
  • Or they will flicker, even when off, if you are using a high tech light switch.

Though mostly they just make my eyes hurt and give me headaches. Philips has come out with a line of High Efficiency Incandescent (HEI) light bulbs called Halogena. They work like normal bulbs but produce twice the amount of light for the energy consumed. Making them very close to CF in efficiency.

I have slowly started to replace all my dim-able lights in my house with these:
Philips HalogenaPhilips 40-Watt R20 Halogena Energy Saver Reflector Flood Light

They work great. No hum or flicker while dimmed. The color of the light is white with a slight warmth to it. Overall I think it is a great find.

You can buy them at or in stores at Home Depot. The only bummer is that few other companies are doing this. GE stopped their research into this technology in 2008 probably due to the fear that incandescent lights will be banned like what is happening in Europe. I hope that is not our future too.