How to setup a Conference Call for BlackBerry

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Not too long ago I discovered the most awesome thing; BlackBerry’s can automate the dialing of a participant code on a conference bridge if the phone numbers are put in a specific format. So here is the layout for your conference bridge: Phone Number x Participant Code

For example if your conference bridge phone number is (888) 888-8888 with your participant code is 666666 and you need to press (#) pound to continue then you can put it in your outlook or email message like this:

(888) 888-8888 x 666666#
or like this 18888888888×666666#
or like this 1.888.888.8888 x666666#
or any combination thereof…

Given any of the phone numbers listed above the BlackBerry will dial the phone number (888.888.8888), pause and the following screen will pop up on your BlackBerry:

Dial Extension
     Dial 666666#
     End Call

You then can select to dial the participant code or technically the extension (666666#).

Happy conferencing!

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