Making a new Identity in Outlook 2011 on Mac

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This post is for those who are having problems with their Outlook client syncing mail, or the database rebuild did not result in a fix to your problem or if you just want to test out someone else’s exchange account for a while.  I will show you how to build a new Identity in Oultlook.  On a Windows machine this would be call a new Profile.

Here is the Microsoft article on the subject (look for step 5):

To summarize:

  • Kill all Microsoft Office applications processes (i.e. close them all, including Word, etc).
  • Press the Option (Alt) key while clicking on Outlook to open it.
  • It will go into the Microsoft Database Utility mode where you can rebuild the Identity (Database).
  • Click the plus [+] sign on the bottum left.
  • Name your new identity.
  • Then select your new identity and click on the configuration icon config icon
  • Choose Set as Default
  • Close this window and open up Outlook.
  • Here you will need to know how to configure your exchange email account.
  • Then you should be in business again.  Please note that it could take more than a day for all your mail to sync if you have a large mailbox (multiple gigs)

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