My Spirit Crustacean

Some people have spirit animals, I have not found that yet but I have found my spirit crustacean, the Mantis Shrimp!!!

Here is a True Facts about The Mantis Shrimp:

“The Mantis Shrimp is a living fossil of the prehistoric clown.”
“…And just like the modern cloud the Mantis Shrimp has a psychopathic killing instinct.”
“If you’re afraid of clowns stay afraid stay very afraid!”

More Facts:
and blood soaked rainbows!

Happy Independence Day everyone!

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Mothra Attacks

20080616-Mothra Attacks

So in my eco-friendly desire to be a good citizen, I have purchased on too many organic bulk food items without understanding the real risk and consequences of my actions.You might think, well he is doing a good thing but you would be wrong!Because of my foolish green eating hippy ways, I have gave birth to Mothra and she has spawned hundreds of followers who have now taken over my house.AHHHHHH!!!!

The Indian Brown Moth is a nightmare.It is nigh impossible to destroy and infests almost any food, packaged or not.Only way to really get rid of them is to remove anything that might be food or breed upon, and yes, they eat about anything.This is really difficult since they don’t need to lay eggs only in food.

So here is the tid bit to help you prevent an infestation (note the prevent part):

Put all grains, rice and pasta in the freezer for 4 days after purchasing.This will kill any potential infestation.

If you are an unlucky soul like me, here are a few good sites on what to do to combat the problem.I will let you know how it turns out in the next few months.

Once you take the steps above, you can also use the Safer Pantry Pest Trap that uses pheromone that attracts the male moths.There is no poison involved…

UPDATE 1 Month Later

2008-07-21-Mothra's Spawn
Mathra’s spawn still lives. The Safer Pantry Pest Trap that uses pheromone that attracts the male moths does work but only better slightly better than any other sticky surface. They are not very intelligent or fast moving. We also spend time killing most of them by hand with ease and the vacuum cleaner is always a safe alternative for those hard to reach areas. Apparently this is going to be an issue for a long time to come so we have taken to using Lock & Lock food storage to store and protect food we don’t keep in the frig or freezer. It works well though we are not storing any grains. I am hoping they decide to move out before we are forced to.