Getting the Best From Every Employee: Communication Techniques That Work (Entrepreneur Magazine)

To get the most our of each and every employee requires effective communication from the leadership team.  This article explores how to reinforce your expectations using company culture amongst other techniques to help your team to truly understand your vision and consistency execute on the mission.

Company Culture is No Accident

I speak a lot about intent. Intent is the difference from sustainability and volatility. Why would business leader let something so important as culture be left to happenstance when the right culture makes a work environment more productive and efficient for everyone involved? Here is a great article discussing the value of culture.

Productivity Increases With Organizational Trust

If you ever thought the customer should come first, maybe you should rethink this. Companies that focus on employees and building trust have a greater ability to execute on company vision.  Trust is a foundation of loyalty and if your employees trust the company, customer will be more likely to trust your business too.