Company Culture is No Accident

I speak a lot about intent. Intent is the difference from sustainability and volatility. Why would business leader let something so important as culture be left to happenstance when the right culture makes a work environment more productive and efficient for everyone involved? Here is a great article discussing the value of culture.

Productivity Increases With Organizational Trust

If you ever thought the customer should come first, maybe you should rethink this. Companies that focus on employees and building trust have a greater ability to execute on company vision.  Trust is a foundation of loyalty and if your employees trust the company, customer will be more likely to trust your business too.

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How to Apply Transformational Leadership at Your Company

Every company needs transformative leadership because organizations need to be dynamic to thrive. This is a great article from CIO magazine that illustrates how to apply transformative leadership within your company.

“”Change doesn’t really happen at a company; it happens with people, so in order to lead change you have to know how to lead people,” says Pamela Rucker, chairwoman of the CIO Executive Council’s Executive Women in IT.”

How to Apply Transformational Leadership at Your Company.